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David Ray, Mechanical Engineer, Owner, Designer, Developer, Conversion and Services Tech. 50+ years in the automotive and motorcycle design, development and services fields. Lifelong automotive drag racer, motorcycle road racer, race tuner and mechanic, engine and power train design engineer

I am the only person here, I serve all functions, in-person, telephone, and email tech, conversion builder, designer, developer, chief thinker, mover and shaker. This allows me to be the only person here to contact, just the person that designed, developed, converted, and shipped your distributor. I am also the ONLY person that answers your tech questions, not only about what I have to offer, but all ignition system inquiries

Please understand, along the journey that has been DAVE's small-body HEI's, there have been many point replacement electronic ignition systems come on the market. I took serious looks at all of them, thinking there would be one as good as a GM HEI. I did evaluations, hands-on testing, gathered all input I could find on reliability, performance, installation issues, and all facets of those systems as I could find, thinking one had to be a good second line for me to offer.

I never found one of those drop-in point replacement systems as good as the General Motors High Energy Ignition systems. So, I have kept loyal to the system that has proven to me to be one of the very best ignition systems available, and modified items within it, such as coils, as I continue to offer my small-body HEI, and MSD Trigger Only conversions.  

David Ray

DAVE's small-body HEI's

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