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  •  For ignition conversions - tech - ordering: Or, use Contact Form to the right For GM vacuum advance degree stop plate info: Copy and paste into your email address area to create message IMPORTANT - - - PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU CALL ME ON THE PHONE: WHEN CALLING, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT ASK "IS DAVE THERE", "MAY I SPEAK WITH DAVE", I HAVE ALREADY ANSWERED THE PHONE, JUST GET DIRECTLY TO SPEAKING ABOUT YOUR DISTRIBUTOR, AND WHAT YOU WANT IN A CONVERSION, INFO, ETC. THIS SEPARATES YOUR PHONE CALL FROM THAT OF A TELEMARKETER, ROBO-CALL, IF YOU ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT "WHERE IS", EXPECT TO GET HUNG UP ON, INSTANTLY. Due to the extensive spam, spoofing, and/or Phishing phone calls, 71 on November 5th alone, I am forced to answer the phone quite differently than I care to. There is no way to stop these unwanted calls, nor to know if a real, live person is calling me. These calls are computer generated with phone numbers that are not in service, but, they can't be identified as such until called back, and the phone company says they are not in service. I am told the best way to "handle" them is to simply not answer them. Not the best solution in my book, but the only one so far. So, I ask a bit of patience of everyone, and when you do call me, to please leave a voice mail. This way, I will know you are a real, live human, and not a computer. I will then contact you ASAP, and we can discuss what you need. If you have caller ID, and I am near the phone, there should be no problem in my answering your call as normal. When you do leave me a voice mail, please add name, time called, your phone number to call you back, and if applicable, your email address, and how I may help with your ignition system needs and questions, and we can get right into the conversation. If you want, you can also leave a text message, I use a SMART phone that has texting provisions. Thank you for your patience, these robocalls are not fun at all. Which goes to ask just why a "SMART" Phone can't figure out if a call is from a real person, or, a computer?