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  • For ignition conversions - tech - ordering: Or, use Contact Form to the right For GM vacuum advance degree stop plate info: Copy and paste into your email address area to create message IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU CALL ME ON THE PHONE I answer the phone with "HELLO", and am ready, and expect to hear what you have to say about your distributor conversion....immediately. So, when calling, please do not ask "Is this Dave's small-body HEI's", nor, ask for "Dave", or, "Is Dave there", or, "May I speak with Dave". I AM - THE ONLY - T H E O N L Y PERSON THAT ANSWERS THE PHONE HERE, and, AMAZINGLY, when I answer, I am ready to listen and start to help. Please, give me your name, then, simply start to speak about your project. I get more than a lot of tele-marketer calls per day, and they always go directly to the "Is Dave there", "May I speak with Dave:", and the other things they do to waste everyone's time. I have taken to simply hanging up on those that keep asking those questions, they all prove to be tele-marketers. So, please don't get offended, just start to speak and tell me about how I might help with your project. Thank you. A simple start works well, (NAME) HERE, I HAVE A (CAR/ENGINE), AND I AM INTERESTED IN A (FILL IN THE BLANK - HEI, MSD TRIGGER ONLY, OR, EFI-HEI) CONVERSION. Get right to it..