RUMORS seem to abound regarding myself and the shop/services. Here is more current information

July 5th, 2021

Some have me on my death bed, incapacitated, just plain fed up, done, and more

The truth of it is that I had an incident with a Brown Recluse spider in August, 2018, and after a yeaar and a half of operations, therapy, I have recovered from that.  Pictures of the hand are in the GALLERY section. The hand is fully functional at this time.

Along the way, we have had the Covid scare, and the country has lost a lot of family, friends, Americans, not good, and that has closed a lot of other businesses down, some never to return.


That said, the shop is closed, but not because of Covid directly. Along the way, an old injury has reappeared, my left hip was damaged in Vietnam (shot in the edge of the hip socket, never repaired correctly), and has decided on its own, to need full replacement. So far, the Covid scare has stopped these proceedings in total, until everything gets back to some form of normal on the Doctor, hospital ends.

I am told that recovery, once the surgery finally gets done, might be as long as 12 weeks, most recovery periods are reported to be a lot shorter.

When I am fully recovered from the hip replacement, I WILL REOPEN THE SHOP FOR CONVERSIONS AND FULL SERVICES.

Until then, I remain available by email, phone to help with tech, proper vacuum advance set-up info, and to answer questions about ignition systems, conversions, distributors and other info needed. Call, email, I will respond. Contact section has the email and phone contact info