On the GALLERY page, there are a number of conversions I have done over the years. These distributors are all running in customer's engines right now. There are also options pictured as far as caps, vacuum advances, coils, and a fitment page to see if the magnetic pickup I use will fit inside your distributor. Some of the HEI modules are mounted off the distributor when there is no room to mount them to the actual distributor body, and/or, to retain the outer stock appearance of the distributor body, but, no matter which module mounting is used, all function the same. 

If you do not see the distributor you are working with, and/or, you have any questions on conversions, parts, electronics, please contact me by any of the methods given, and ask questions. If you are ready for a conversion, please email me at  info.davessmallbodyheis@gmail.com and ask for both a pictures package and specifications sheet. Both the Pictures Package , and Specification Sheet have information for both of us, so we can get started on your conversion.