Electronic Fuel Injection Conversion Information

As noted, I offer EFI conversions for stock point distributors that remove the vacuum advance, and lock the mechanical advance out, so all timing function is moved inside the EFI control unit. I install a magnetic pickup in place of the points, and a General Motors 8 pin EFI-HEI feedback module that works with virtually every aftermarket EFI system, excelt one of the newest on the market. 

Most aftermarket, and a lot of stock EFI systems can use the General Motors 8 pin EFI-HEI module to interface the distributor and EFI computer. However, there is one known new system that does not use any sort of module, it reads directly from a magnetic pickup. This system is the new Holley Sniper EFI systems. The procedure for conversion between the two variations is the same, save the Sniper doesn't use a module, and needs a further method of "aiming" the firing tip of the rotor to the cap. 

I am researching the various methods of adding an adjustable phasing rotor to a set distributor if it is not a points type GM distributor, and working this situation out, one distributor at a time. Holley now owns MSD, and MSD has made an adjustable rotor for the GM point distributors for years.

The EFI-HEI specification sheet is now altered to ask exactly the make and model of EFI system you wish to convert, to avoid confusion and incorrect procedures. At this time, only the Holley Sniper doesn't require the 8 pin EFI-HEI module.