Many have asked me for pricing information, and I usually will ask them to contact me to discuss exactly what conversion, for which distributor, and, if desired, what options are wanted. I felt a Basic Pricing Guide might be of help. Please realize that this is simply a set costs and pricing schedule, most conversions will fall into these guide lines, some will not. 

As a part of the "Specification Sheet" I send to gather information for all conversions, optional extra cost items, and other factors that might change pricing for the convesion, prices are listed, and work with the pictures package sent to you when you first contacted me. If I have already advised you, through email or phone conversation, that would help you in filling the sheet out for your conversion. However, if you need help, have questions, need advice, PLEASE CONTACT ME, we want this conversion done right.....the first time. 

Most regular HEI conversions for carburetted engines:                                   $215.00

Most MSD Trigger Only conversions:                                                                   $185.00

Most EFI-HEI conversions:                                                                                     $215.00

Add remote mounted HEI module to MSD trigger only distributor                 $35.00

Some of the specialized conversions, such as the large cap internal HEI module Ford conversion, are priced a slight bit higher, to reflect the difference in the cost of the larger cap/rotor/adapter over the small cap/rotor set. Once again, please contact me and ask about your conversion.

Optional extra cost items for General Motors window type distributors:

MSD HEI terminal caps in red or black (blue coming late 2018):               $45.00

Crane adjustable vacuum advance full kit:                                                     $50.00

Crane stand alone vacuum advance stop plate:                                            $15.00

GM mechanical advance spring set (3 pairs of springs, L, M, H)               $10.00

GM "Stop & Spring" set (Crane stop plate and spring set)                           $25.00

Coil for HEI, black:                                                                                              $45.00

Coil for HEI, chrome:                                                                                          $50.00

"Melonized" coated gear for GM hydraulic roller cam:                                $10.00

Coil feed wire adapters for HEI wire ends to round coil:                             No charge

NEW:  MSD Trigger Only to HEI Adapter:                                                       $50.00 (built either way)

(This item is literally an HEI module, mounted to an aluminum mounting bracket, with wires from it, to the coil, and connecting to the MSD Trigger Only magnetic pickup output wire connector. There are two uses for this item. First is to convert an MSD box ignition to an HEI, using the MSD Trigger Only distributor. Second, can be used as a tool, to bypass an MSD, or other ignition box to set timing correctly. The unit shown is designed for permanent mounting to the vehicle, and, if to be used as a tool, alligator clips can be added to the coil wires and mounting plate, for temporary, non-permanent connect up, to set timing. Wire lengths are custom fit, to your length needs).

Included in the pricing for all conversions, new stock type cap, rotor, vacuum advance, HEI module, magnetic pickup, complete cleaning and refinishing of the distributor to your appearance specification, all machine work needed to convert the distributor, setting the mechanical and vacuum advance curves on one of my 5 distributor machines,  to either your specifications, or to match engine specifications supplied on the specification sheet.  The conversion is then final checked and run on my high pressure spark output testing fixture. The distributor is then packaged for return shipping, and sent back to you, completing the conversion package. When the distributor is shipped, I pay return shipping costs.

A note on costs, some feel my costs are too high, that they can simply get an HEI from some other source, off E-Bay, for far less cost. YES, that can be done, and I have no problem with that. YES, my conversions are more expensive than a lot of other of the drop in point replacement kits, and a few of the full new distributors  offered, for what seems like the greatest low price deal on earth.

Please be aware, I build a quality, hand modified, hand built, fully curved, tested and finished distributor, for YOUR application, with quality parts available at any good auto parts store, if something fails, it is only as far away as the parts store across the street, I am here to provide personalized, one to one tech support, real world answers, and, I stand fully up for my work as well. 

I build HEI systems, REAL HEI, not lower performance, lower quality drop-in point replacement conversions that are simply NOT AN HEI. I make no bones about pricing, in all these distributors, and/or conversions offered, mine, theirs, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.  

As far as payment methods, I have looked at various options, and the only viable, safe one is to include a United States Post Office Money Order, or, other money order issued by the government of the country you are located in, with your distributor to be converted. This ensures that if I "defraud" you, the government comes after me. This protects both you, and I. 

Please be advised, should you decide to have me do a conversion for you, that I will have both your distributor, AND payment here for the time it takes to complete your distributor conversion. If you do not feel this is comfortable for you, PLEASE, do not send me your distributor to be converted. We both have to be on the same page, both working with, and, especially, having trust each other in this. 

This website is my largest form of public advertising. However, I feel the best advertising I can ever get, is the recommendations of happy, satisfied customers I have done work for. I want the best recommendations from my customers, I have no intention of destroying my best form of advertising.

Years ago, I read a review of a study on "Baker's Dozen" situations. A 'baker's dozen' is a dozen of a baker's donut products, with "one more donut, thrown in for good measure", 13 donuts in all. The survey reported that if a producer does a good job on a product, and/or services, happy customers, on average, tell 4 others of the great products/services. If only one customer is unhappy with products/services, he tells "a full baker's dozen", 13 other persons of his displeasure.

I always work as hard as I possibly can to create the one happy person that tells the other 4, and, I work even harder to avoid "the baker's dozen". 

Another consideration, the bitterness of poor quality long remains, after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten. 

Might I interest you in becoming one of my 'happy customers'?