UPDATE: August 15, 2019 About 5 days ago, I was bitten by some sort of arachnid, venomous, and it is a real issue. There is a picture of the hand on the GALLERY section to view. It is not responding well. I am thinking that I need to suspend work and taking new work in, until this is resolved. I dislike being sick, having things like this occur, but, in this case, I think it is the right thing to do. Lets see how it is in a week or two.

In early November, 2018, I suffered a bout of dehydration, and was taken to our local hospital. I spent 12 days in the hospital, with not much improvement. After 6 of those days, I was OK with the hydration, and from what happened next, found I was over hydrated and almost made into a diabetic. With dehydration, comes organ shut down, and my pancreas was compromised. Hospital staff insisted I was a diabetic, and continually poked and shot insulin into me, to the point I swelled up to twice my size below my belt inle. All this time, I was told that "walking it off" would be the only way to get back to walking again. Only problem, I could not walk at all.

After falling on my ace twice while trying to "walk it off", I got released, still could not walk. It took 5 -1/2 more months to get to the point I could walk to the rest room. It is almost 9 months since this all started, and I have had customer's distributors, and their payments here at my shop. Two of them were done just before I got sick, and didn't get shipped, what is worse, they were in the trunk of my car ready to be shipped, and nobody here tried to get the key from me, and ship them.  I finally got to the point I could get to the car, and get a neighbor to finally get them shipped, but I still had those distributors that weren't done as of yet. 

Today is July 18, 2019, and I still have 4 of them left to do. Two will be done in the next two days, the other two first of next week. I make no excuses, this was hard for me to take, and I support any and all adverse words from any of these great people that have waited for me to get their distributors done and out to them. Those people did not need all this trouble and problems, they needed teir distributor conversions, and I let them down.

I wouldn't want this to happen to me, and I didn't want it to happen to them. I have had no choice. Things will be somewhat slow for the immediate future, as I still have swelling on both feet and ankles, and that is slowing me way down, and I HATE IT. I am also taking steps to add a person to the shop that will take care of any issues that arise from my being incapacitated again, from sending unopened orders back if I am not able to work on them, issues with shipping, and other things that might come up if I ever have to go back to the hospital for any care that might stop me from working. 

I make NO excuses, this has been a real pain for not only my health, but to those that have trusted me to get their orders done and out, and didn't happen in a timely manner.