NOTiFiCATIONS, Please read

These items are important, and are causing a bit of an issue with each, but are in the process of being resolved, or, have already been resolved


October 15, 2018, item 1, Crane Adjustable Vacuum Advances.  As shown, I offer a Crane adjustable vacuum advance kit. This kit contains an adjustable vacuum advance canister, adjustable degrees stop plate, 3 sets of mechanical advance springs. This kit was the best vacuum advance setup ever, and was available for both point and large coil in cap HEI distributors. 

In late 2016, Crane went out of business, and the remainder of the Crane products were purchased by FAST EFI,  a subsidiary of Competition Cams. Although there are sufficient stocks of the degrees stop plates and large HEI full kits, the kits used on G. M. points distributors have been depleted, with FAST/Comp Cams NOT planning on producing those kits any longer. The same will occur for the stop plates and large HEI kits when their stocks are depleted. 

That said, I am in communication with Comp Cams in hopes of either getting them to return to producing these excellent vacuum advance kits, or, possibly producing a version for overall sale by myself. Until such time as one of the above situations comes forward, I have plans to simply create a kit of my own, same canister, stop plate and spring set, built from separate sourced items, same functionality. 

I have changed the name of the kits on this website, from Crane/FAST, to DAVE's, but the assembled kits will be the same parts, and components as Crane produced.

Some 5 years ago, Crane almost went out of busines the first tmie, and this stopped all their vacuum advance kits from being produced. It took them 7 - 1/2 months to get the advances back into production. During that time, I had talks with Crane directly, asking them to either sell me the rights and fixturtes to produce the kits and parts, or, at least, move production here to Northern Nevada, with a Crane owned facility managed by myself, separate from DAVE's small-body HEI's, to manufacture the advance products. Nothing came of it, and Crane didn't go out of business, we got the good kits back, until Crane finally went out of business this last time. 

If nothing comes of Comp Cams wanting to make these products, I wlll begin the process of duplicating the kits for retail sale to the general public, on my own. Until then, I will continue to make the kits up from separate components, under the DAVE's name.


October 15, 2018, item 2, hard chromed main shafts. This process to hard chrome the main shaft on conversion distributors is the ONLY off-site process I have during a conversion.  The facility I send them to was located in Southern California, the company has been in business there for over 60 years, father and son company, and a good shop. In summer of 2018, CalEPA and the California Air Resources Board caused this business to leave the area it was located in, to about 250 miles away from its original location, with less population in that area. The new facility is now fully operational, and the owner, a personal friend of mine for over 40 years, is back running. He is also now looking for a new location outside California to relocate to in the near future. 

What the delay did was to cause my production schedule to be stopped, because I had no hard chromed main shafts to finish conversions. What was worse, for a month and a half, I had no contact with the shop owner, and did not know why I had no shafts to finish conversions. This had never been a problem with the shop in the decades I have had my friend do hard chroming work for me. 

Finally, last week, October 12, 2018, I was in contact with the shop, and all 21 main shafts are finished, and on their way back to me, which means I can finish backlogged conversions, FINALLY. I anticipate it will take until the end of October to clear the backlog, and then, full speed ahead with conversions. I consider the hard chroming of the main shafts to be an essential part of the conversions I do.

UPDATE: the last backlogged distributor should ship by November 9th, and I will be back on schedule.