As most are aware, I DO NOT HAVE DISTRIBUTOR CORES TO CONVERT, so, I am creating a registry list to try to assist those persons that do not have distributors to send me for conversion, with those persons that do have cores to use 

What this registry will help to accomplish, is to list those persons that have stocks of used distributors, their geographical areas, contact information (phone, and/or email address), and, what make, and engine series distributors they have, so that a reference connection can be made to those that need a core to build 

This will only be a registry, NOT A SALES AREA OF THIS BUSINESS, all persons on the registry are responsible for their own contacts, conversations, sales, trades, exchanges, give-away's, with the main intention being to get to those that do not have a core to build, a good core to use for a conversion

My only contact in this will be to connect people that have, and people that need a distributor core to convert, there is no charge planned, nor intended on my part. This list will simply be a no-cost service offered to all

Please contact me if you would like to be on the donor list, and I will send an email form for you ti fill out and return to me. Participation is fully voluntary, and anyone can leave the registry at any time. ALL inquiries for distributors will be forwarded to registry donors only by myself. From there, the person requesting a core will contact you directly, and I will be out of the process completely This list will remain a separate entity from the business, and will also not be publically shared, nor posted on any web entity. When a recipient receives a notification that they might contact a donor for a core, it will be done by myself, either by phone, or direct email

The email address for the registry donor form is

Please copy and paste the above address to your 

email address destination to send me an email